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Apr 30, 2021 2:16 PM ET


iCrowd Newswire - Apr 30, 2021

Sentech Korea Corp. is the global leader in breath alcohol analysis and sensing, having been providing innovative solutions for over 20 years, and now the pioneering brand has unveiled its newest device. The iblow10C is a unique non-contact breathable acid that was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is capable of detecting blood alcohol levels in seconds. The global coronavirus pandemic has forced industries around the world to change and come up with new solutions. Because Sentech Korea Corp., one of the world’s leading providers of breath alcohol analysis and sensor technology, has reacted to the necessity of social change in distance with an innovative, non-contact breathing apparatus.The sophisticated and portable iblow10C breath alcohol analyzer is specially designed to help law enforcement agencies and workplaces test drivers and employees safely while reducing the spread of the virus. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, social distancing has been vital in the fight against COVID-19, and the iblow10C will help police forces and businesses maintain those distances while enjoying world-leading analytics. The innovative Sentech iblow10C is a groundbreaking breath sampler specifically designed to keep both operators and participants socially distant. In contrast to conventional breathing apparatus, the iblow10C does not generate a breath on the subject’s breath, while likewise no exhaled air comes into contact with the hand or presence of the operator. This ensures the highest level of security for everyone involved.The pandemic has made many people concerned about close human contact, so the state-of-the-art iblow10C from Sentech Korea Corp. helps reduce worry from breath testing. The highly accurate and incredibly fast device can deliver blood alcohol levels in seconds to ensure law enforcement agencies and businesses can still ensure that safer alcohol does not affect driving and safe work practices. The Sentech iblow10C, which is due to hit the market at the end of May 2021, not only promotes social discomfort. The innovative device is also packed with a number of features that improve the user experience. The wide LED lighting has green, red, and flashing red lights that indicate the alcohol level in the system. The sophisticated instrument is even able to detect the alcohol content in exhaled breath, even if the subject is wearing a face mask. The device also offers users two result display modes, numeric or passive, which show a zero, low or high reading. The operator can easily switch these modes and the iblow10C can be connected to a PC. With an incredible, long-lasting memory function, the device offers 5,000 tests and even has a flashlight for use at night. While the device is designed to be used at a safe distance, it is coated with copper to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, while the sample nozzle can be replaced if accidental contamination occurs. The iblow10C is the latest analyzer from Sentech Korea Corp., which has provided breath alcohol and sensor technology for personal, workplace and law enforcement use for over 20 years. The company manufactures a full line of semiconductor, fuel cell and infrared spectrometry (IR) alcohol analyzers in-house and supplies over 50 countries worldwide. A spokesman for Sentech Korea Corp. added:“With everything that has happened in the last year, we are very proud to bring the iblow10C to the market. This new analyzer is the ideal device for those looking for a safe and easy solution when it comes to drivers or Workers check blood alcohol levels. The sampling nozzle has been coated with self-sterilizing copper to maximize virus protection, while also passing all safety tests at the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science. ” For those looking for more information on Sentech, visit http://www.sentech-usa.com/

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